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    If you are one of my people and support The Trevor Project, reblog this. I’m so proud of y’all for caring about such important causes, you inspire me every day. THANK YOU!

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    glee 5.20 “The Untitled Rachel Berry Project”


  4. Let’s replace the paper bag…


    as requested by @gleekyginger x


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    Remember Kurt’s Bucket List that he mentions on The First Time? Remember what number 63 was?

    Nº 63: Lay a rose at the birthplace of Noel Coward.

    And what is Chris doing three years later? Playing him in a biopic. I just… oh my god!!!! :)


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    1. Odin: Loki, son, I need to talk to you.
    2. Loki: Yes, Father?
    3. Odin: You are becoming a young man. There are some things in your past that may come to light and your mother and I haven't told you before in fear it would upset you.
    4. Loki: ... Yes?
    5. Odin: At the final battle of Jotunheim, I found an infant. It was small and malnourished - a child Laufey sought not to claim for its power was in magic, not in physical strength.
    6. Loki: ...
    7. Odin: I took you from that battle, son, and your mother and I have loved you ever since.
    8. Loki: Sssso... this is why you prefer Thor.
    9. Odin: This is why I spend so much more time with Thor, yes. He is like me in that he has a temper to be tamed and physical strength he allows to take over when that anger boils over. Your mother is talented with magic and is clever with words as you are. Me being more like Thor doesn't make me love you any less than I love him.
    10. Loki: ... Does Thor know?
    11. Odin: He will if you wish him to.
    12. Loki: We aren't family, then.
    13. Odin: You are my son by love as your mother is my wife by marriage. Blood means little in the way of kin.
    14. Loki: But I can't become king of Asgard.
    15. Odin: ... Which is another reason I spend so much time with your headstrong brother as he'll eventually have to do public speaking outside of 'thor swing hammer' and he doesn't have the gilded tongue you do.
    16. Loki: Ah. Well. ... Okay.
    17. Odin: Okay?
    18. Loki: Okay. ... So he isn't your favorite?
    19. Odin: Your mother is my favorite.
    20. and thus the entire movie line was avoided.
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    This is how you know they’re actually brothers.

    this is my favourite scene in the movie i’m not even kidding

    I love this scene the most, because Loki is somewhat trying to help and Thor is just done.

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    me as a ghost

    is this season one of american horror story

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